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By Anna Lynn Sibal

What Hairstyles Flatter a Round Face?

Do you have a round face? If you do, you should not be worried about choosing the right hairstyle that will suit your face. There are a lot of women out there whose face is round, and there are thousands of hairstyles including the artificial ones such as the clip in hair extensions that you can check out to see if they will flatter your face.

Regardless of whether you choose to wear your hair long or short, the key to having a great hairstyle that goes well with your round face is that your hairstyle should create the illusion of elongating your face. Whatever hairstyle you choose, it should make your face appear slimmer and slightly longer.

But before you choose the right hairstyle for your round face, you should check first if your face really has a round shape.

Determining the Shape of the Face

How can you confirm if your face is round? A typical round face has full cheeks. But aside from looking at the mirror, you can actually measure your face and check its proportions to see if it is really round. What you would need here is a tape measure.

First, measure the width of your jaw line from end to end. Next, measure the width of your cheekbones by holding the tape measure on top of the cheekbones itself, from one ear to the other. Lastly, measure the width of your forehead at the widest point, which should be the part just above your eyebrows. If your face is really round, the measurements would show that your face is as wide as it is long. If there is a difference, it would be only slight, around a fourth to a half of an inch.

The Right Hairstyles for Round Face

The thing about hairstyles for round faces is that you can wear your hair at any length you want. The one thing that you should always keep in mind, though, is that your hair should lengthen your face instead of making it look rounder and fuller than it already is. You should also match your hairstyle with the texture of your hair, as well as your age and lifestyle.

In general, you should go for layers. Layers have a universal effect of making the face look longer than it really is, regardless of the hair length. Just make sure that shortest of the layers are below your chin or are scattered all over your head. Side-swept bangs also create the same effect of making your face appear longer and less rounded.

If you want short hair, go for a style that adds height to the crown of your head. Again, avoid cuts that bring the eyes to any level above your chin because it will make your face rounder and fuller. You should also avoid blunt cuts for the same reason.

Curls are also great for round faces as long as they are soft and not overdone. Curls have volume and texture that draws the eyes from the roundness of the face.

You can also wear your hair long and straight if you want to, as long as you do not let it go flat and lifeless. Use a conditioner that gives volume to the hair and let it fall like a curtain about your face. It would be great in making your face look slimmer and longer.

But no matter what you do and what hairstyle you choose, the most important thing is for you to have fun with your hair. Do not stick to the rules so stringently. Just pick a hairstyle that you like and think looks good on you.