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Ghetto Hairstyles

Ghetto Hairstyles

By Joanne Perez

Ghetto Hairstyles come from the American lower class living areas, known as the American Ghettos. Ghetto hairstyles are a fashion statement - these hairstyles can be noticed on most of the hip-hop music videos. The women who wear them project a cool image.

In the African American community, ghetto hairstyles are most commonly noted for the extensive braids used to control the hair and the grease which keeps the hair soft.

Another distinguishing aspect of this ghetto style is addition of hair extensions to create volume and to lengthen one’s natural hair.

Hair coloring is also important when having the ethnic ghetto look. The most popular colors are the bold, bright ones like green, blue, purple, burgundy, and so on. In fact, looking bold is what makes the ghetto hairstyles what they are.

Just like punk hairstyles , the ghetto hairstyles are here to stay.

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