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Having A Bad Hair Day

By Lynn Lopez

Don’t you just hate it when you start your day with your hair looking like a total mess, even though you styled it the way you always do? It happens to the best of us, and not everyone is prepared to deal with it. A bad hair day is sure to completely ruin any woman’s day, especially if there’s a big meeting, a sought-after job interview, or a really hot date scheduled to take place. As a result, lots of women having a bad hair day tend to be cranky, irritable, and constantly self-conscious about the way their hair looks.

If your hair has turned frizzy, unmanageable, become full of flyaways, or has just become generally ungorgeous, you shouldn’t despair, and you definitely shouldn’t let it spoil your plans. Here’s what you can do if your hair has gone wild for the day.

  • If your hair has drooped and turned limp, make a beeline for the ladies’ room and give your hair a light splash of water. Run it through with your fingers and give it a blast of heat with the hand dryer.
  • For freaky flyaways, you can pin back the stray locks with bobby pins for a while and see if they’ll bounce back the way they should look. Otherwise, apply a smoothing cream or a sculpting gel to straighten them up.
  • If your hair has a tendency to get frizzy, always have on hand a leave-on conditioner you can apply throughout the day to tame your hair. The same goes for hair that suddenly fluffed up.
  • Bangs flipping out? A headband pushed just above your crown will keep them in line.

But if you feel like your hair has just generally become ugly all of a sudden, don’t sweat it too much. You can just push it off of your face with a bandana or a thick headband. If all else fails, pull your hair into a ponytail. It will help you get your mind off your hair for the day, so you can just deal with it when you get home.

Most of the time though, it’s all in the mind. Even if you think your hair is in a really ugly state, chances are, no one really notices it. Are you aware if someone’s having a bad hair day without them telling you? If not, just keep your cool. Wear your hair with pride and if someone comments on how your hair looks different that way, just smile and say you tried a little something new with it!

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